Saturday, March 31, 2007

The new book has ARRIVED TODAY

The long awaited book has ARRIVED hot off the press today.

Praise the Lord.

This is a combined effort of the brothers and sisters in the church. They all have a part in the authorship to producing this book in its final form.

In the past two years, we all learned valuable lessons of how to function as a Body of Christ to work in harmony and in unity for God's Kingdom.

The idea of producing the work in the form of a book came only after a year of their projects. Although we had intended the book to be printed by last Christmas, the delay has been good for us.

In the coming months, may the Lord be pleased to use the brothers and sisters as they launch out into the deep to spread God's message to their friends, families, colleagues, and loved ones.

We printed 1000 copies.

We pray that each person holding these copies will truly be blessed by the message inside and if the Lord will, we will consider doing a Part 2 of this series.